"Fraud investigations punish those who lie, knowing that they are lying, intending to fool others, and do it for money. No one should be too big to answer for that conduct. "


-  Sheldon Whitehouse  -

Pre-Bid Verification

YaGa gives DSP's the ability to filter out unwanted devices and apps based on their behavior and profile and construct blacklists of such devices and apps for their RTB buyers.

Such filters help prevent the submission of bids to unwanted sources.

Publisher Monitoring

As YaGa's solution is placed on the user's device it allows for a better understanding and mapping of publishers- ranking them by relying on multiple KPI's.

Transaction Auditing

Analyzing transactions from the publisher's side allows for a closer look at each transaction- prior to any known or unknown masking of data transmitted via 2nd party methods- ensuring quality transactions at a higher certainty than ever.